Career counselling dictionary: What is meant by career counselling and coaching?

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We help you through all stages of your professional career and in achieving your next career step. We can support you as early as the career choice stage and guide you through the start of your career. During your time as an employee, we can support you through our career counselling with location assessments, job coaching, career coaching, the job search and job search, as well as in career development.
Our career counsellors / job coaches are experts in defining your professional positioning and enhancing your presentation skills.


We advise you on all aspects of your career. From career choice, career planning, professional reorientation, career counselling, career development, job search, salary negotiations, job coaching, perspective counselling or location assessment.

Professional reorientation

During your professional reorientation, we advise you on where you stand, i.e. what you can do and what you would like to do. We actively support you in your job search and prepare you optimally for job interviews and networking situations. Our job coaches do a CV check and check your LinkedIn profile.

Career counselling

In career counselling / career advice, our job coaches provide advice on determining your current position, career planning and career development.
A convincing CV is no coincidence, but the result of intensive work. Our CV Check offers you access to our findings from thousands of counselling interviews. Our experienced job coaches and career counsellors support you in making your successes visible in your CV.

Career Coaching / Professional Coaching

With career coaching, a job coach accompanies you throughout your career. You can request job coaching for individual situations or book more intensive career coaching.

Career counselling online

Career guidance, career counselling or coaching can also be carried out online with us. Digital or virtual tools are always used in counselling.

Vocational counselling for adults

We advise people of all ages, all hierarchical levels, functional areas and industries.
When choosing the right career coach, it is important to pay attention to the coach’s professional achievements and experience. Because career coaching is not a theoretical, but a very practical matter.
Re-entering the world of work after maternity is seen as a challenge by many women – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our career counselling programmes are tailored to exactly this situation and also support our clients with appropriate networking opportunities.

Career counselling for academics

When providing career counselling for academics, it is advisable to have a clear overview of market opportunities and trends. You also need a career counsellor / job coach with a successful academic career.
A job search can be a lengthy affair – unless you get hold of a good professional network and know the relevant tricks. We offer professional career counselling for your job search / job hunt.
A professional reorientation requires an assessment of the current situation – especially after many years of working in the same field. You can book an assessment including career counselling with us.
Our career counsellors and job coaches always work as a team, so that you as a client have access to the necessary expertise at all times.
After a longer period of time off, the return to work needs to be well planned. Our counselling programmes support our clients through targeted reintegration into the world of work.
A long and successful career requires determination, market knowledge and a high degree of networking. Newcareer’s modular career planning combines the knowledge of which experiences can be marketed with training units that have been tested thousands of times and through which one’s own skills can be clearly presented in the job market.
Clarity and transparency about career opportunities reduces disappointment and time. The Newcareer career counsellors have the necessary market knowledge to help in a targeted and successful way.
If you want to maintain or even increase your own employability, this requires a targeted approach. Our career counsellors will help you plan and develop your career.


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