Are you ready to enter the market? You have your application documents ready and want to get in touch with companies and HR.

You will learn how to present your professional background convincingly and build a bridge to all relevant positions and industries.

Together with a labour market expert, you will define your target companies and learn how to get in touch with them. Our digital market tool Shortcut helps you find vacancies in the open labour market and create a list of companies.

In the One-Day Bridge & Networking Bootcamp you will learn how to approach decision-makers and prepare your targeted bridge story.

The networking specialist will analyse your communication and networking approach and support you in preparing interviews.

Join the Communication Bootcamp II workshop and learn how to adapt your pitch to each position and use the power of “non-verbal” communication.


Individual session with a market expert to define the target companies (60 minutes)
Bridge & Networking Bootcamp Workshop
Individual session “Bridge Business Case
Individual session “Networking & Communication” (60 minutes)
Workshop Communication Bootcamp II
Follow-up session with market experts or consultants (60 minutes)
Use of Shortcut (market tool)
Access to LOFT (learning platform)
Access to the vR Community

Finished with targeted communication, improved networking skills, communication skills, market knowledge

Market approach


CHF 3'500.00

20 minute free career counselling!