Are you looking for a new job? You have already defined your target position and your application documents are ready?

We develop a market strategy with you and support you in accessing companies. We prepare you for job interviews and show you how to convince in conversations and interviews with your competences and success stories.

Together with a Job Market Expert you define your target companies and learn how to get in touch with them. Our market tool Shortcut helps you to find vacancies on the open job market and to create your company list.


One-on-one session with a labour market expert to review your action plan (60 minutes).
One-on-one session with a career consultant to prepare relevant bridge stories.
Successful Interview Workshop
Individual interview training (90 minutes)
2 follow-up sessions with a market expert to track your progress (30 minutes)
One-on-one session with a career consultant to debrief interviews and help you with next steps
Use of Shortcut (market tool)
Access to LOFT (learning platform)
Access to the vR community

Knowledge about the job market, ready for interviews and pitches, improved communication skills, extended network

Job search

20 minute free career counselling!