Run our free online assessement and get clarity on your job market readiness.

Our free online assessment will explain you how you are uniquely powerful.

The assessment will uncover your talent DNA, your strengths and areas of improvement.

Our research shows that people who have gone through the assessment:

• are more engaged at work
• find a new job faster
• are more productive in their roles
• are happier and healthier

Whether you are looking to improve yourself or if you are a leader looking for a new challenge, your efforts start with our free assessment and a free consultation with Carsten Sudhoff.

Find out now how to significantly increase your market attractivity.

Do the assessment and get a free consultation with Carsten Sudhoff

Carsten Sudhoff is member of the Management Team of von Rundstedt Switzerland responsible for the retail business. He is also the entrepreneur behind CircularSociety AG, an international network dedicated to innovation, social impact and future skills.

As former member of the Executive Team and Chief Human Resources Officer of the World Economic Forum Carsten studied the complexities involving leadership, innovation and sustainability.

Carsten co-founded several international networks and currently serves as President of the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland, the largest network of its kind.

Carsten teaches „Networking“ at Business Schools, holds an MBA in entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and he has lived in eight countries on three continents. 


Job Market Readiness

Self Assessment

Get your own reality check based on 60 questions.

  • Positioning 
  • Story Telling
  • Documents
  • Communication: USP
  • Communication: 90 Second Pitch
  • Networking
  • Interview
  • Social Media

Efstratios Panagiotakopoulos

The workshop was an eye opener for me. It gave structure and sense to a process that is vague. It gave me not only the impetus to look into myself and realise more about who I am, but also the steps to move forward. It’s much more than a “job hunting” woskhop. It’s an approach to achieve your professional goals.

Alexander Lenzlinger

Over the past months, I have been able to partner with the Zurich team of von Rundstedt on a number of occasions, to prepare for specific interviews (CFO roles in Switzerland). The training and preparation sessions were very practice-oriented, i.e. we simulated the actual situation. When I felt it would help, I was also able to tape the session and review my non-verbal communication. With the assistance of the respective coach, I was also able to plan for "tough questions" and how I should best react and answer. Overall, I was really able to benefit from this training, and would recommend it to anyone.

Tracey Britton

Whether you are overwhelmed with advice from your network or underwhelmed with the thought of getting started, this workshop will introduce all the concepts you need, explain how they are connected and why they are necessary. You will leave motivated to take the time to appreciate your strengths, and with a focused action plan to start your self-marketing towards your specific goals

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