Job Hunting

Is the process by which one of our Senior Consultants/Job Market Experts supports the job seeker in:

• defining a professional positioning and transferable skills
• formulating a unique selling proposition (USP) to stand out from other candidates
developing a set of professional success stories to exemplify the track record
• learning how to build / approach / engage the professional network in order to make the job search process efficient and successful.

Why Job Hunting

The labor market is increasingly fast paced, demanding and competitive. Some job seekers spend months applying for different jobs -  but are not successful in their job hunt on their own. Many job seekers are unsure about their transferable skills. Many do not know how to story-tell their past achievements. Some might not realize how important it is to stand out from other candidates who are competing for the same job opportunities. And yet again others realize that their professional network is either too small, not maintained or they are unsure how to make a network become useful for their job hunt. Frustration, anxiety and resignation are often the consequence.

Job Hunting Workshop

28.08.2018, Zurich

8.30 am - 4.40 pm

Job Hunting Workshop

25.09.2018, Zurich

8.30 am - 4.40 pm

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Eye opening workshop

Efstratios Panagiotakopoulos on Jun 11, 2018


The workshop was an eye opener for me. It gave structure and sense to a process that is vague. It gave me not only the impetus to look into myself and realise more about who I am, but also the steps to move forward. It’s much more than a “job hunting” woskhop. It’s an approach to achieve your professional goals.


I learnt how to be more "ready" for my job hunting and it reconfirmed the importance of investing time in networking

-March, 16

I learnt how important it is to develop your "elevator pitch" and that it is worth all the time you invest in it

-April, 18

I learnt who am I, what my key skills are and what I want to achieve

-March, 16

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