The Newcareer's online course in a nutshell

The online course will help you position yourself, develop your CV, communicate successfully, grow your network and rock your interview.

What you will learn

The online course consists of 6 chapters - Positioning, Storytelling, Documents, Communication, Networking and Interviewing. You will understand the Why, the What and the How of these job hunting aspects.

  • What is Positioning
  • Video Webcast
  • Proven Methodology - position yourself
  • Self-reflexion quiz

Sie sind sich nicht im Klaren über Ihre Chancen auf Anstellung...

...und wollen wissen, wie hoch sie in der Realität sind?

Sie befürchten, Ihr Job wird verschwinden...

...und wollen Ihre Fähigkeiten früh anpassen?

Ihr Profil ist nicht gefragt...

...und Sie wissen nicht, wie Sie dies verändern können?

What our clients say about the online course

Hands down the best of its kind. I’ve been looking for advice several times and I’ve never before seen such a practical approach to all the tasks a jobseeker should think of and do to find a new job.

Peter S.

I liked the different learning pills of your online course very much. It’s a pity you don’t have this content available in German yet.

Laura R.

This is great content every jobseeker should look at!

Sonia S.

My investment in this online course yielded amazing returns immediately. The content is perfectly balanced and up-to-date, saving me countless hours and honing in my focus on the right parts of the job search. I’m convinced that this course combined with Carsten’s personal coaching will help me find my dream job, in far less time than I could do by myself. 

Fernando C.

About the trainer

Carsten Sudhoff is member of the Management Team of von Rundstedt responsible for the retail business. He is also the entrepreneur behind CircularSociety AG, an international network dedicated to innovation, social impact and future skills.

Carsten has trained in excess of 2'000 individuals across all functions, levels and industries to successfully find a new job.

As former member of the Executive Team and Chief Human Resources Officer of the World Economic Forum Carsten studied the complexities involving leadership, innovation and sustainability.

Carsten co-founded several international networks and currently serves as President of the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland, the largest network of its kind.

Carsten teaches „Networking“ at Business Schools, holds an MBA in entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and he has lived in eight countries on three continents. 

Who will benefit 

Everybody who is looking for a job

Finding a new job takes on average 6 months, let us help you speed up your process.

Everybody who wants to make a career step

1 out of 4 individuals in Switzerland could imagine changing their jobs - are you one of them?

The online advantage

Most people are unaware of their weaknesses related to their job search. Our series of 8 webcasts provides the necessary overview to get you started. 

  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Flexibility in terms of time and location

Cost: CHF 120 


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