Learn how to successfully
run a virtual job interview

Why you need virtual job interview skills

Nowadays, part of the recruitment processes is virtual. Larger companies often run the first interview by a fully automated virtual interview system. Artificial interviewing save money, is logistically easy and open up new assessment possibilities. Therefore, you must be perfectly prepared for such digital interviews. Furthermore, due to the COVID regulations even personal interviews run with digital platforms today.

In this training package you will learn to effectively run both virtual on-demand interviews and virtual interviews via digital platforms.

Three steps to successfully run a virtual job interview 

1st Step - Virtual workshop "Job Interview"

You will discuss the ideal preparation, executions and follow-through of an interview situation. Tips and negotiation points are also explained during the session. In addition, you will receive tips on interview situations, we will clarify questions and discuss various negotiation points. We will practice different application situations for specific job advertisements. The focus is on training how clearly and authentically you “sell” yourself with your competence profile. Have a current job description ready.

2nd Step - On-demand video interview and debriefing with a career consultant

Practice your skills and make first experiences how to run a fully automated and artificial video interview.

3rd Step - Individual interview training (virtual)

Simulation of your upcoming job interview

You are annoyed by rejections...

You don't know what you are doing wrong...

You have no experience with virtual job interview tools...

You feel uncomfortable in video situations...

...and want to successfully manage a job interview?

...and want to receive a valuable feedback?

...and want to train your virtual interview skills? 

...and want to receive tips how to become self-confindet?

Why you should choose us


+1000 successfull job interviews of our clients annualy


Our career consultants are experienced outplacement professionals, high impact trainers, industry experts and former recruiters from the Swiss market.


You will learn the basics in an virtual workshop, you train your skills in an on-demand video interview and reiceive feedback in an debriefing with an expert. Your analylized weaksesses will be inproved in an individual training with an career consultant.


You will join our von Rundstedt community and benefit from job market insights, events, updates and much more! A powerful network which is critical in today's business world.  

What you will get

Virtual workshop "job interview" in AdobeConnect (2.5 hours) 

On demand video interview training 

Debriefing with career consultant (30 minutes) 

Access to von Rundstedt LinkedIn Community

standard price CHF 1'100.00