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Assessment Training

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  • Individual phone briefing, at least one week prior to the scheduled assessment
  • Six hours individual assessment preparation with a dedicated assessment expert
  • Sample assessment tools, business cases and role plays available


You have a concrete assessment centre scheduled in your agenda. Either a future employer, a head hunter or your current company invited you to participate in a selection assessment or an internal development centre. You want to prepare yourself, to know more background information about assessment set ups and to practice specific assessment tools. In the initial phone briefing you provide us with all information you have what allows us to prepare your individual case. You will then spend six hours with a von Rundstedt assessment expert to prepare your assessment and to practice several assessment tools and exercises. You will get a general introduction and information about different assessment scenarios. After that you will get several sample cases, exercises and tools to prepare and present. You will receive concrete and valuable feedback from a dedicated assessment expert. This is an effective preparation for the upcoming assessment centre.

Assessment information

  • Structure of assessments
  • Successfully handling assessors
  • A question of attitude
  • Effective communication
  • Crucial competencies
  • Power of self-reflection

Tools and exercises

  • Brain teasers
  • Business cases
  • Presentations
  • Role plays
  • Group exercises
  • Psychometric analysis