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Quick Assessment

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  • Individual preparation: INSIGHTS online assessment
  • Feedback session with a dedicated career coach
  • Assessment report (40-45 pages)
  • To schedule and register please call 058 332 27 00
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  • Cancellation accepted without penalty until online assessment is completed


The INSIGHTS online assessment is a self assessment tool which gives evidence regarding your personality pattern, your communication style, your motivation drivers and your preferences. This is a valuable base for further reflections about yourself, about your career potential and your next steps in your career management. Based on the assessment results a dedicated career coach will challenge you on your career goals and your future positioning. The coach will work with you on the right conclusion to set the next smart career steps.


INSIGHTS online assessment

INDIVIDUAL feedback session

  • Personality pattern
  • Communication style
  • Motivation drivers
  • Preferences
  • Assessment feedback
  • Interpretation of the assessment results
  • Your career potential
  • Conclusion
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