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Learn How To Negotiate The Salary You Deserve

New jobs and promotions often bring a change in salary – but how do you ensure that the salary level you are offered corresponds to your expectations?

This individual session will guarantee that you have your arguments prepared and your approach defined.

Clients have successfully increased their salary with their same employer by up to 50%.  


I learnt how important it is to develop your "elevator pitch" and that it is worth all the time you invest in it

April 18

I learnt how to be more "ready" for my job hunting and it reconfirmed the importance of investing time in networking

March 16

I learnt who am I, what my key skills are and what I want to achieve

March 16

I liked the concept, the flow and content of the workshop, the size of the group (was just right), the discussions that generated many "insights" for me (and action items

March 16

I liked that I worked out and optimized my USPs, PARs and Positioning Statement and I liked the open and direct communication of Mr. Sudhoff

March 25

I liked the small group size

April 16

I liked that everybody’s case/situation was discussed

April 18

Every Year +1'000 Individuals trust us

Here is why:

1. Our consultants inspired thousands to get more out of their life and career

2. 9 offices and workshops close to you and across Switzerland: Zürich, Bern, Basel, Zug, Lausanne, Geneva, St Gallen, Lugano, Lucerne

3. All trainings are done by professional Career Consultants with at least 10+ years of experience

4. Proven techniques, hands-on support tailored to your need

5. Limited number of participate in physical workshops to allow max. support

6. Anonymity provided

7. 20% off on any follow up private consultation with us

8. Great networking opportunity

9. 30 Day Money Back guarantee

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