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Career planning - the successful re-entry as a mother with Newcareer

Returning to work after a career break is often challenging. The difficulty of returning as a mother depends, for example, on the duration of the leave, consideration of family commitments, childcare options, work experience, but also on soft skills and network.

Returning to work after a career break is often challenging. The difficulty of returning as a mother depends, for example, on the duration of the leave, consideration of family commitments, childcare options, work experience, but also on soft skills and network.

Every year, we help thousands of terminated and dissatisfied employees to reshape their careers up to the point of contract negotiation and signing, and beyond. So we know how the job market works and how to successfully get a job. But what is the added value for you as a re-entering mother?

1. TIME: Our model is flexible in terms of time, so you can tailor your counselling programme to your family situation.
2. INDIVIDUAL: We can tailor the programme to your individual needs and thus offer you a cost-efficient package
3. SELF CONFIDENCE: You can train your re-entry under real conditions with us
4. NETWORKING: With over 10,000 network contacts in Switzerland, we have all levels, functions and industries represented
5. EXPERIENCE: We have already successfully helped thousands of people.

First step:

Take a look at our 3-phase model.

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Third step:

You will receive a first draft of the programme.

Fourth step:

Meet your consultant without obligation in one of our offices or virtually in a free initial discussion and then decide whether you want to shape your re-entry with us.

3 Phase Model

Phase I: Positioning

Through the positioning, we analyse three main areas:
  1. What are your skills and qualifications
  2. What are your professional goals and wishes
  3. What is the market looking for
The combination of the three areas results in a) possible career scenarios and b) development fields and challenges. We help you define the career scenarios that are suitable for you and find solutions for individual challenges. A good Career and Family Life Balance is possible with good career planning.

Phase II: Communication

This phase is about preparing your application documents, LinkedIn and, above all, networking and appearance. In order to successfully re-enter the job market as a mother, you need access to the hidden job market and, above all, a network! You will learn and train with us how to network successfully in order to get the jobs that are not advertised and you will get access to our network.

Would you answer yes to these questions?

  • I feel confident in a networking situation
  • I have an active professional network that I can access at any time
  • I describe myself as a networker
You should also be prepared for the following questions, for example:
  • How did you continue your education during your sabbatical?
  • Why should we choose you?
  • How do you plan to reconcile work and family life?

Phase III: Market entry

You have learned how to network in phase II. In Phase III, we will enter the market together, i.e. find out target companies and approach them correctly. You will have access to our network of over 5,000 female network contacts from all levels, functions and industries, as well as access to our digital market tool. Our method, which has been tested thousands of times, helps you to successfully submit blind applications and get the job you want.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I rely on professional help when reentering
the labour market?
There is a lot of useful information and videos on the internet on how to make your re-entry. But which sources are good and what makes you different when you follow the same advice as all the other applicants? With us, you get support from industry and professionally experienced professionals individually tailored to your profile and situation.
How does counselling usually proceed?
After a non-binding initial meeting with your counsellor, the goals of your counselling will be defined. In addition to individual coaching sessions with your advisor, you will train your skills in workshops and receive feedback from experts. You get access to online tools such as assessments or our client portal and work with us on your strategy, your market entry and your application. We accompany you throughout the entire process.
Where do the counselling and workshops take place - and can I also participate online?
Counselling and workshops take place at our 10 locations and/or online via virtual tools.
Who will look after me?
You will receive a counsellor who is right for you, as well as support from all other team members as needed. Depending on the counselling, you will also receive additional labour market or networking resources.
How much will a programme at Newcareer cost me?
The prices are right for your needs and goals. We can offer a suitable product for almost any budget. Each phase costs from CHF 750 and all phases together cost a maximum of CHF 10,000.
How long do I need for the whole process?
The duration depends on the difficulty of your profile (industry, position or age) and the desired result. You set the pace and are free to choose the counselling appointments so that you can easily combine the process with your everyday life.

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