With these 7 tips for the perfect CV

Your employer will probably have met you on paper first. Therefore, it is important that this “paper” is convincing and representative. We have prepared 7 tips for you to complement your CV.

1. Structure

A common thread makes reading clearer and more exciting. Your CV should have just such a thread and be structured stringently. Think about what is most important and what the order should be. For example, start with your current job.

2. References

Your future employer would like to have more background information about you and your way of working? For this reason, mention your references in your CV or refer to them with “References on request”.

3. Templates

The design of your CV depends on the job. If you want to work in the financial sector, your CV should be rather modest. If you come from the advertising industry, however, your CV can be a little more colourful. You can find numerous templates on the platform www.canva.com.

4. Hobbies

The first thing people who don’t know each other look for is what they have in common. Therefore, we recommend that you include your hobbies in your CV. However, be specific about what you do. For example, reading is one of your hobbies. Add what genres you like to read and what your favourite book is.

5. Length

There are people who can describe themselves in one sentence and those who could write an entire biography about themselves. A CV is rather a summary about your person, which should be limited to a maximum of two pages. That way, everything is clear and the most important things can be crystallised.

6. Extensiveness

Tell about your most important milestones and achievements. However, this should be presented briefly and precisely. Too much background information only confuses and distracts from the essentials. Brevity is the source of wit.

7. Honesty

Many of us learned French at school, but who knows the language? Be honest and rather underline what you are particularly good at. It is important that you remain true to yourself.

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